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Frequently Asked Questions

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It is simple, you pronounce 'Paquet' as packet. We believe that a simple packet of supplement a day can help you a great deal with your health! 

Here is a breakdown of our prices compared to leading brands in Singapore pharmacies:

Product   Paquet (Per day) Leading Brand X (Per day) Leading Brand Y (Per Day) Leading Brand Z (Per Day)
Omega - 3 (Fish Oil) $0.57 $0.56 $0.34 $0.77
Multivitamins $0.70 $0.84 $0.80 $0.66
CoQ10 $0.87 $1.13 $2.73 $2.11

 *Cost Per Day = Cost Per Pill * No. of Pills taken Per Day. It's important to compare using per day as the same products may have different concentration, hence the number of pills taken is different!

Our prices are competitive with the market with the added benefit of having them pre-packed. On top of that, we deliver Paquet straight to your doorsteps so there is no additional hassle for you! 

Supplements are generally safe for consumption unless you have certain health conditions such as low blood pressure or seafood allergies, specific issues that we highlighted in each affected product. 

We recommend you to take supplements after food and before evening time unless otherwise specified in the product. 

Like all supplements, store your Paquet box in a cool and dry environment below 30°C, away from direct sunlight!

Yes, it is fixed at 30 sachets which would last you a month. At the end of the month, we will then deliver your new Paquet box to you, without additional charges! 

Our Paquet is personalized towards your specific needs. You create your own box. If you are not sure what is best for you, we would recommend that you take our health assessments, as created by expert nutritionists. 

In general, we do not recommend you to take more than 5 supplements at any time.

Paquet emphasizes on our personalized services which are rare in our Singapore supplement market. As such, we would deliver it straight to your doorstep at your earliest convenience - day or night, weekday or weekend. 

However, we would request that someone receive your Paquet box at the door. Unlike most online goods, supplements should not be left facing direct sunlight or in warm conditions like your shoe cabinet. To ensure our product quality, we hope that someone would take your Paquet indoors. 

Yes, it is free of charge! This is part of our additional service for you!

We accept different forms of payment methods. The list of options are as stated below: 

1) Cash Payment upon delivery
2) Credit Card Payment options upon checkout
3) Stripe Transactions

No worries! Simply email, text or call us and let us know your new delivery date and time before 9 am on the original delivery date. Should there be a last minute change (such as 1 hour before the supposed time), please call us immediately and we would arrange based on a case-by-case basis! 

You can choose to order the same supplements or change your orders accordingly! Our services include subscription - you enjoy MORE discounts when you order for a longer period. 

3 months supply - 10% Discount
6 months supply - 15% Discount
12 months supply - 20% Discount

We will deliver your next month's Paquet 30 days from the first delivery date!