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The Source
Quality always starts at the source. We sustainably obtain our raw ingredients that are of the highest quality available in Australia. The wildlife and vegetation grow in excellent environment conditions.
For instance, our Goats Milk and Colostrum are made with dairy collected from natural farms in New South Wales; Omega - 3 Fish Oil and Shark Cartilage come from wild fishes from the deep cold sea waters around the continent; plants grown organically for our Bilberry and Evening Primrose Oil.
The Controls
With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and stringent quality controls, our products are made to comply with the Australian TGA production guidelines, one of the strictest and highest standards in the world for pharmaceutical and supplements industries.
The Australian Department of Health approves the high compliance rating given to our products' manufacturing facilities, conducting through regular audits and inspections accordingly.

Our products also strictly adhere to the guidelines set by Health Authority of Singapore for health supplements.
The Consistency
Even with production adhering to the Code of Goods Manufacturing Practice for Manufacture and Distribution of Therapeutic Good, we make sure we receive high-quality standards for every batch of product.
The certificates and lab reports from clinical trials are tirelessly vetted by us and our partners, ensuring the highest quality of supplements right from the source.
Specially Made
With the strong market and pharmaceutical reputation of our Australian partners over the decades, we have products that are created after years of research and development, to target certain common problems found in the population.

Products, such as Liver Detox, Sugar Balance and Probiotics, help to improve issues that we increasingly face in our fast-paced modern city lives.