Assess Me Now!
The Traveller

Are you Shanon, The Traveller?
Shannon is an associate at a consulting firm. She has no rest period throughout the year and her job requires her to travel abroad regularly to meet her clients. Not only does she have to be prepared for her client’s meetings, but she must also take care of her body by herself without her family’s support. Adapting to the local food and environment is important so that she doesn’t fall sick while working overseas.

To be her best anywhere in the world, Shannon relies on her Paquet to keep her healthy anywhere.

Shannon’s Paquet is good for people who are constantly traveling. Each ‘PAQ’ consists of:
a) Multivitamins
b) Probiotics

The 9 - 5

Are you Mandy, The 9 - 5?
Mandy is your typical 9-to-5 employee, working as an accountant in an SME. The job is mundane, and she is either staring at spreadsheets on the computer or squinting at messy handwritten claims submitted to her. As her job is deskbound, she is rarely outdoors, mostly in the dry aircon room for the entire day. This causes her to fall sick frequently with Singapore’s unpredictable weather.

Since Mandy found Paquet, she doesn’t fall sick as often as she used to.

Mandy’s Paquet is good for people who are often desk-bound and fall sick easily due to the office environment. Each ‘PAQ’ consists of:
a) Vitamin C
b) Goats Milk with Vitamin D3

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The Career Hustler

Are you Thomas, The Career Hustler?
At only 32, Thomas is the youngest regional vice-president for his company. He always seems to have the ability to get the job done to the smallest details. What his colleagues don’t see is the time and dedication he has sacrificed, working with his teams from dawn to dusk, and spending his night vetting through reports for the next day.

Thomas knows his work puts his body under massive stress. With his Paquet, he knows his health is well taken care of!

Thomas’s Paquet is good for people who are working long hours and putting in the hard work to be successful. Each ‘PAQ’ consists of:
a) Multivitamins
b) Bilberry
c) Omega 3

The Foodie

Are you Lily, The Foodie?
Lily loves food. She is always on the hunt for good food and deals around Singapore, inviting her friends to join for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper. All her friends and family know she is better than any blogger in recommending food of all cuisines.

Since eating is her favorite hobby, Lily does not have much time to exercise. While most of what she eats is sedap, she knows they are unhealthy for her in the long run.

Lily takes her Paquet to keep up with her delicious diet.

Lily’s Paquet is good for people who love to eat, eat and eat again. Each ‘PAQ’ consists of:
a) Omega 3
b) Colostrum
c) Sugar Balance

The Social Butterfly

Are you Tiffany, The Social Butterfly?
Tiffany works in advertising where she spends most of her time entertaining clients and attending events. With an outgoing personality, Tiffany goes out for drinks with her clients or friends most days in the week, staying out till late at night.

Knowing the impact of drinking and lack of rest have on her body, Tiffany takes her Paquet to care for herself.

Tiffany’s Paquet is good for people who are often socializing every night and drinking nonstop to entertain. Each ‘PAQ’ consists of:
a) Liver Detox
b) CoQ10
c) Evening Primrose Oil

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The Fitness Enthusiast

Are you Eugene, The Fitness Enthusiast?
Eugene loves to exercise. Despite being a regular office worker, he starts his day early by attending exercises classes such as Spin and Zumba. After work, he would then go for long runs at Macritchie Reservoirs whenever his time permits. Such determination requires him to have sufficient energy levels.

In order to meet the physical demands of his exercises, Eugene takes his Paquet to take care of himself.

Eugene’s Paquet is good for people who love to exercise. Each ‘PAQ’ consists of:
a) CoQ10
b) Grapeseed OPC Extract

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