Eye Care Bilberry + Lutein

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Eye Care Bilberry + Lutein

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Bilberry contains high concentrations of the antioxidant called anthocyanidins and has been used for many centuries for medicinal purposes. Lutein is a natural carotenoid, organic pigments that are found in high quantities in leafy vegetables. Known as the “eye vitamin”, it is also found in the macula of the human retina and studies have shown that it helps to protect the eyes from oxidative stress and blue light from digital devices

Paquet’s Eye Care formula contains Bilberry and Lutein, a powerful combination to help improve eye health, especially for adults that spend most of their days in front of digital devices such as computers and smartphones.

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Potential Side Effects

  • Generally safe for consumption


  • Vaccinium myrtillus (Bilberry) fruit extract conc. 100mg (equivalent to Vaccinium myrtillus fruit dry 10g)
  • Tagetes erecta flower (Marigold) extract conc. 200mg (equivalent to Tagestes erecta flower fresh 16g, equivalent to Lutein esters calculated as Lutein (of Tagetes erect) 10mg, equivalent to Zeaxanthin 1mg)

Directions for use

  • Adults take 1 capsule daily with meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.
  • Stop taking them if you notice any severe side effects

Paquet has the perfect combination of Bilberry and Lutein to help improve eye health. Bilberry contains high concentrations of the powerful antioxidants anthocyanidins and Lutein, commonly known as the “eye vitamin” is also found in the macula of the human retina.

There are many strong scientific pieces of research showing the positive effects of Lutein and Bilberry on our eyes. It helps to protect our retina, reduce oxidative stress and absorb harmful blue light from digital devices.

Perfect for the hectic Singaporean who is mostly on digital devices. Get your Eye Care now!

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