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Yan, 26, HR Executive

After my recent graduation, adjusting to the fixed (and early by my standards!) hours of office life took quite a lot of energy and coffee. Fortunately, my job is not entirely desk-bound, but that also means that I have a crazy hectic schedule travelling around for events, so much so that sometimes I forget to eat. When I'm at my desk, I work on three or sometimes even four screens at once, which definitely puts a strain on my eyes.

In my free time, I love to travel - the further away the better. This means 12 to 16 hours of flights and multiple time-zones changes a couple of times a year. This never fails to mess with my hormonal cycle, and the post-travel adjusting always has an effect on my body and skin condition.

Fortunately, I came across Paquet that has better helped me with these health issues that I faced. With such convenient packaging, I can even consume my supplements while I'm overseas. With Paquet, I will never miss a single day of supplements!

Kelvin, 26, Undergraduate

As a university student with an active student life, I have to balance all my commitments and make best out of the time I have available after classes. With Track & Field training at least twice a week and countless meetings or events for my other commitments, I get much lesser time to myself and have irregular meal times and lesser sleep.

I tend to have digestive issues when I have irregular meal times or when I'm stressed. Also, my eyes get really tired and dry easily due to wearing contact lenses for long hours.

Since young, I have been taking supplements. At the start of the year, my friend recommended taking Paquet's assessment to better understand what supplements are best for me. The assessment was thorough and educated me on what I need to better my health. Their convenient packaging has also made it much easier for me to consume these supplements. I'm glad that I came across Paquet!

Jay, 35, Founder of Mushroom Kingdom

My name is Jay and I am a modern farmer and newly promoted dad. In my daytime work, I usually have to cover more than 6-10 locations delivering fresh mushrooms to restaurants across Singapore, meet clients to talk about putting our products on their shelves. At night, I still have to perform daddy duties for my newborn, communicate and feed him, not forgetting that his nighttime cries have to be attended to as well, for he sleeps in our room. I constantly have to tackle lapses in concentration, irregular meals, eye strain due to the duties I have to cover for work and family. I only have one or two sports sessions a week and that is IF I keep to them and don't postpone or procrastinate.

Luckily I met Terence and he spoke to me about Paquet. I took the assessment immediately and I like the way they personalize the information and reply to me to make sure I know what I am getting into. I have a personal care package at my office desk and my work table at home, and these have gotten approving looks from my wife and my cousins who have asked about what am I replenishing my body with! They have since gotten it as gifts for their loved ones as well, and its a lovely personal touch too with the nice looking box addressed to them. I have since felt lesser lapses of concentration during driving and during work, and that my eye strain has improved despite my increasing workload.

I recommend Paquet if you are a business owner or self-employed who is constantly on the go, looking to be more organized and is looking to take care of yourself, or a father of a newborn, or even grandparents of a newborn!