The Career Hustler

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The Career Hustler

The Career Hustler

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Are you Thomas, The Career Hustler?

At only 32, Thomas is the youngest regional vice-president for his company. He always seems to have the ability to get the job done to the smallest details. What his colleagues don’t see is the time and dedication he has sacrificed, working with his teams from dawn to dusk, and spending his night vetting through reports for the next day.

Thomas knows his work puts his body under massive stress. With his Paquet, he knows his health is well taken care of!

Thomas’ Paquet is good for people who are working long hours and putting in the hard work to be successful. Each ‘PAQ’ consists of:

a) Multivitamins
b) Bilberry
c) Omega 3

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To work longer and harder than everyone else, it is crucial that you have the required energy to do so. Multivitamins can help to improve your overall energy, leaving you more ready than ever to conquer the challenges ahead.

People tend to neglect proper meals as a result of their busy work schedule. It is important for you to still have proper nutrition regardless. Multivitamins help to improve your overall nutrition with the range of vitamins and minerals.

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In this digital age, people tend to spend long hours looking at computer screens. This often leads to eye related problems as we age. Bilberry can help to reduce the strain of your eyes from long exposure to digital screen.

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Omega 3

Busy work schedule often leads to insufficient exercises and an unhealthy diet. This might lead to heart-related problems, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure, as we age. Omega – 3 can help to reduce the risk of contracting such problems.

Spending long hours at work is not sufficient. We have to be focused on the task at hand. Omega – 3 can help with our memory and cognitive function, even as we age.

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