The Fitness Enthusiast

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The Fitness Enthusiast

The Fitness Enthusiast

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Are you Eugene, The Fitness Enthusiast?

Eugene loves to exercise. Despite being a regular office worker, he starts his day early by attending exercises classes such as Spin and Zumba. After work, he would then go for long runs at Macritchie Reservoirs whenever his time permits. Such determination requires him to have sufficient energy levels.

In order to meet the physical demands of his exercises, Eugene takes his Paquet to take care of himself.

Eugene’s Paquet is good for people who love to exercise. Each ‘PAQ’ consists of:

a) CoQ10
b) Grapeseed OPC Extract

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Committing yourself to an exercise routine is no easy task. The only way is to have discipline. CoQ10 can help you increase your overall energy level so that you can stay disciplined and not find yourself a convenient excuse of ‘being tired’.

Researches have also shown that CoQ10 can also help to improve your performances, especially for long distance runners.

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Long hours of exercises might lead to inflammations as you are often using too much of your joints and muscles. Grapeseed can help to decrease inflammations in your body with strong antioxidant effects.

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