The Social Butterfly

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The Social Butterfly

The Social Butterfly

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Are you Tiffany, The Social Butterfly?

Tiffany works in advertising where she spends most of her time entertaining clients and attending events. With an outgoing personality, Tiffany goes out for drinks with her clients or friends most days in the week, staying out till late at night.

Knowing the impact of drinking and lack of rest have on her body, Tiffany takes her Paquet to care for herself.

Tiffany’s Paquet is good for people who are often socializing every night and drinking nonstop to entertain. Each ‘PAQ’ consists of:

a) Liver Detox
b) CoQ10
c) Evening Primrose Oil
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Liver Detox

Drinking too much and not having sufficient sleep is very bad for your livers. Liver Detox is a specially formulated liver tonic that can help improve the function and health of your livers. Also, it aids in the detoxification of your body and decreases the stress placed on your liver due to your lifestyle and diet.

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Late nights of socializing often leave you restless at work the next day. CoQ10 can help to improve energy levels throughout the day, so that you are not grumpy even after a long night out.

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Evening Primrose Oil

Alcohol and lack of sleep can cause damage to your skin. You won’t want to look unpresentable at work. Evening Primrose Oil can help to maintain and improve tired and dry skin from late nights.

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